Orion Marts Pte Ltd (UEN 202208516W)

Orion Marts Pte Ltd 玉安 established a limited company in Singapore on March 11, 2022, mainly engaged in e-commerce and exploring potential old brands for packaging, repositioning the market value of goods. Our company has obtained the first body-building product made by the ancient method, named “Orion’s The Ginger Beauty”.

Our team, after half a year from the repositioning planning to the finished product launch, has not been easy. We strictly control each link. After the product is launched on the market, it can make the product feel reborn.

The company’s name “玉安” is mainly to convey a natural and healthy lifestyle. In our busy life, we forget many good things around us, but health is priceless, health is the first, with health, everything is easy to do.
玉-beauty concept. Throughout the ages, beautiful women have always been as pure and beautiful as jade. However, Chinese people are shy and do not praise directly. They often use beautiful jade to describe the beauty of a woman, and like to use jade to name them.

For example, “the moon moves and the flowers move, it is suspected that the jade person is coming”, “the twenty-four bridges are bright and moonlit, where can the jade person teach flute”. Another example is Lin Daiyu written in “A Dream of Red Mansions”, which is pure and gentle as jade. In Chinese culture, Hetian jade has always represented purity, beauty, gentleness and smoothness, dense and delicate qualities, and these are the unique qualities of oriental women. Therefore, Chinese women seem to be naturally suitable for wearing jade.

安 – Taken from the idiom An Ran Ruo Su, contains two meanings. The first is to be safe and sound, healthy, and the second is to do things calmly and have the spirit of everyone.

Our registered trademark – the logo adopts the image of the shopping cart combined with the Orion symbol, which intuitively highlights the concept of the shopping platform and expresses the industry to make it recognizable. At the same time, the company is named after ORION (Orion). of stars.