Orion’s The Ginger Beauty Brand


The core team of Orion’s The Ginger Beauty brings together more than 10 experts in the nutrition industry, aiming to create pure natural healthy nutrition for young people through the pursuit of nutrition and deliciousness, with the help of food technology, adhering to the awe of pure natural taste Brand, this is our original intention.

The product creation is more in line with the tastes of modern people. More than 1,000 taste tests have been conducted on the research and development of a single product, and every link of the product from scratch is strictly controlled.

At the beginning of the establishment of the Orion’s The Ginger Beauty brand, after 3 years of precipitation, thousands of products in the entire industry chain that meet the pure natural, high-nutrition and original ecological health standards were carefully selected, and finally Orion’s The Ginger Beauty was born. Yes, we didn’t take shortcuts; we did something that looked very “dumb”.

Therefore, today we can dare to challenge the good standard of natural ginger vinegar and truly make products that are “natural, healthy, delicious and convenient”. This is worth it!

A good product starts with a strict selection of raw materials

【Bukit Tinggi-Bentong Ginger】

As one of the core materials of Ginger Beauty, Bentong Ginger originates from the tropical environment of Malaysia. The highest quality Bentong Ginger grows in the Bukit Tinggi area of Malaysia. The unique climate and soil quality make Bentong Ginger richer in spiciness and nutrients. . Ginger farmers in Bukit Tinggi have inherited this from generation to generation. With ginger as their company, everyone is a ginger grower and a good ginger grower. Orion’s The Ginger Beauty picks the best Bentong ginger directly from the place of origin, and uses the core product of slow-boiled traditional ancient recipes.” “Ginger vinegar”, creating 0 additive, pure natural, scientific, fresh, healthy and nutritious ginger vinegar. Its products are bright and pure in color, have a long-lasting taste and endless aftertaste, and have good beautifying and nourishing effects.

Orion’s The Ginger Beauty believes that the existence of high-quality all-natural health food should not exist in a rigid and ancient way. “The fragrance of wine is also afraid of deep alleys.” way to express. Therefore, we boldly explore the frontiers of health and wellness with a scientific and fashionable attitude, focus on the health needs of the current young generation, and name the product “Orion’s The Ginger Beauty”. The beauty is independent but exquisite, and hopes to help young people become better and healthier. , to provide the young generation with delicious, interesting, simple, pure, healthy and pleasant new nutritional solutions, bringing consumers the most extreme new nutritional experience.

In recent years, with the continuous impact of the epidemic, more and more Chinese people pay attention to their health. Orion’s The Ginger Beauty chooses the healthy nutrition track to make efforts. As a cutting-edge brand in the niche field, with its unique concept, meticulous operation, stable operation Quality and fast delivery have won the trust and support of our customers. Orion’s The Ginger Beauty represents a high-quality life taste, a positive energy attitude that loves a better life and pays attention to physical and mental demands.

Simple and no reduction, restore the pure natural flavour

For the ultimate “simple”, we go all out.

Since the beginning of its establishment, Orion’s The Ginger Beauty has set the goal of “redefining a good ginger vinegar”, strictly controls every aspect of the product from scratch, carefully selects high-quality raw materials, and returns to the highly nutritious and natural ginger vinegar to bring consumers Come to a healthier, more assured, pure natural ginger vinegar as your responsibility.

Brand Interpretation

“Ginger” – Ginger vinegar made from our core product “Bentong Ginger” is the raw material of our soul to lead health.

The brand is named after “Orion’s The Ginger Beauty”. On the one hand, it gives the brand fresh and flexible vitality in a novel and interesting way. Every consumer can see the beautiful image meaning from Orion’s The Ginger Beauty; on the other hand, it shows the ancient beauty. Beauty and beauty effect, customers are more likely to accept the brand appeal in a subtle way.

Brand culture

◆Brand values: No matter how busy life is, don’t forget to love yourself, be innovative, show your true colours, and live every day well in ordinary life

◆Brand concept: “Be a gourmet nutritionist of nature”/”Use authentic Bentong ginger to make natural nutritional vinegar”

◆Brand proposition: One cup a day, the more you drink, the healthier you are / One ginger flavour a day, healthy every day

◆Brand mission: share delicious food, convey natural healthy lifestyle and ginger beauty spirit

◆Brand Vision:

Everyone who tastes Orion’s The Ginger Beauty has a heart that advocates beauty, enthusiasm and open-mindedness like Orion’s The Ginger Beauty. They actively discover the beauty of life and are the representatives of young people in the new era.

The Brand Story

The busyness of life makes us forget a lot of good things around us.

In the fragments of time, there are whispers that we want to leave behind.

We listen to mind and body,

Witnessed by the dazzling light of the sun and the moon,

Gather raw materials and polish them carefully

Helping young people have a healthy mind and body

With time, there are infinite possibilities

Every piece of ginger beauty

has its own unique code

Record the “encounter” with the owner

Hidden “Love and Hope”

Continue the “world fireworks”

Orion’s The Ginger Beauty, be the warmest “health passer”.

Brand Speciality

【Ginger Beauty Product】

From material selection to finished product, it has been polished several times and formed for a long time to ensure that every product meets every warm owner, and only with a healthy body and mind can we meet the future

【Ginger Beauty·Service】

The brand uses the Internet to develop thinking, creates a variety of service models, listens to and understands the voice of customers, communicates with heart, and refuses the cold operation of the assembly line. Thinking about the people in our hearts, doing the things in our hands, comparing our hearts to our hearts, and empathizing with our hearts are our bottom line.

【Ginger Beauty Brand】

It perfectly combines the image of beauty with the efficacy of ancient food, which is fun and interesting, and can easily resonate with young groups. It has become a new popular symbol and created a creative and interesting brand image. The personification of beauty itself has a strong hinting effect, which can quietly convey the beauty effect to the subconscious of consumers, and can also gently protect the spleen and stomach, and protect the physical and mental health.

Brand Positioning

◆Hope to adhere to the core competitiveness of the three major brands of 0-added pollution-free, new natural healthy nutrition and ancient formula inheritance, and bring high-quality pure natural nutritional food to young people, as well as the light health experience of natural sunlight.